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Son Birthday - 002

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Code 75 ethnic greeting card

Front Design

'With Love Son On His Birthday' in gold foil.


'Dear Son, 

I love you far more than I can ever hope to express with words alone.

On the day that you were born, I was so proud, but what I felt for you went for beyond simple words.

I want the best for you, yet I know that many decisions must be yours alone, for it is your life, not mine, that you must lead.

I can only hope that the choices you must make will be the right ones for you...

I know that at times, I must stand back and watch you fall, but I, too, will feel your pains from those falls.

Life is hard and many times it is unfair, but you must be strong.

Today, on your birthday, I wish for you love, strength, and wisdom.

May the joys of life be yours to grasp, today and always.

I Love You.

Happy Birthday'

All cards come individually wrapped with an envelope.

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